The Portfolio of Derek Brooks


SiteMan is an internal Content Management System that was developed at Red 5 Interactive. I built this system from the ground up with our lead engineer, and we deployed it to dozens of client web applications. To find out more about SiteMan itself, check out the SiteMan project.

Here are 11 projects that I've worked on tagged SiteMan.


Screenshot of Perficut
Perficut is one of the leading landscaping and lawn service companies in Des Moines, IA. They came to our company, Red Five seeking a more serious web presence along with some custom tools. In addition to a complete redesign built around our CMS, I also built a large custom irrigation and service scheduler for Perficut and their clients. This scheduler allowed Perficut to define a season, serviceable neighborhoods, average appointment times, the number of crews available, and other small details. From here, the tool allowed Perficut to assign crews to neighborhoods (based on stats from the previous season). Once this was all set up, customers could visit Perficut's site to schedule sprinkler system startups, shutdowns, and service. On top of this custom tool, I was also in charge of integrating this site into our SiteMan CMS and deploying the site.

PREIT iPhone App

The PREIT iPhone app was a small, marketing and informational application for each of the company's 30-40 shopping malls. The application used your phone's current location to find their nearest mall, give information about the mall, store directories, SVG based maps, calendars of events, etc. One other engineer and I created an API for our Rails-based CMS and then built most of the native Objective-C iOS app prior to me leaving the company... at which point a 3rd party contractor finished and "polished" the application

Philadelphia Marketplace

Screenshot of Philadelphia Marketplace
Philadelphia Marketplace is the shopping center located within Philadelphia International Airport. They hired Red Five to update their site, give them a content management system and also set up interactive maps for their shopping center. This was a pretty simple project from an engineering perspective. I was in charge of integrating the design into our CMS, writing a bit of javascript for the front-end, and finally, deploying the site.

Valley West Mall

Screenshot of Valley West Mall
Valley West Mall is a long time Red Five client and was sort of a guinea pig to test out the latest version of our SiteMan CMS and the brand new javascript/HTML5 based SVG map UI that we'd built. Rebuilding the Valley West Mall site with our new technology was a great learning experience. We greatly improved our CMS, made things much more efficient and moved from Prototype to jQuery. Rendering maps with javascript rather than flash meant they could be viewed on mobile devices, iPads, etc. In addition to these great new features, Valley West requested to be integrated with their Twitter account. This allowed me to build a twitter plugin for the SiteMan CMS which would allow the mall to easily post tweets as well as monitor mentions and replies.

Bix Produce

Screenshot of Bix Produce
Bix Produce is a produce distributor based in Minnesota. They became interested in my company, Red Five after seeing the produce site that we built for Loffredo. I was in charge of integrating the design we came up with into our SiteMan CMS, and also deploying the site for Bix.

West Bank

Screenshot of West Bank
West Bank is an Iowa based bank that my company, Red 5 Interactive, had been working with for years. When they came to us for a redesign, my assignments were to integrate our in-house CMS, build a couple plugins, and build functionality to capture a user's zipcode and display the appropriate location-based content. The plugins I built were based on previous functionality they had and wanted to retain: current loan/savings rates, alerts, and custom newsletters.

Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

Screenshot of Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division
Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division is responsible for the regulation and control of all alcohol and tobacco in the state of Iowa. The division has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the state of Iowa. Our company, Red 5 Interactive had hosted IABD for years. Up until this rebuild, they were one of the very last Java based sites running on an ancient server stuck in a closet in the back of our office. As time went on, it became scarier and scarier to let their site remain live. Once showing IABD the physical server they were running on, talking them into a complete rebuild was no challenge at all. One of the most daunting parts of this rebuild was the task of migrating all their content. I heavily modified our internal Site Spider to accomplish this task. The client had around 400 pages and 700 files that were linked to (mostly PDF press releases). I had to completely crawl their site, import everything into our CMS and fix every link to work correctly. Given the fact that they had FTP access to the old server, things were a mess, and this was not a simple task. I'm talking about some serious site scraping madness! Being such a large site, this client came up with all kinds of awesome ideas for our CMS, which I was able to add-on and commit back to the repository for our other clients. After setting up our internal CMS and importing their hundreds of pages/files, I had to build a Javascript Fund counter to display on their homepage. Basically, the client takes their projected income, enters it into a custom tool that I built in SiteMan, and my JS did the math to determine how much money was being transferred to the state every second. It then dynamically animated a count-up on the homepage. I also built some fancy, custom (and totally dynamic) javascript dropdown navigation. Finally, I had to model and build a custom plugin to allow IABD to import CSV files of their alcohol products, stores, and tobacco compliance data. Then, I built functionality to browse and search all of this data on the front-end. At the time, Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division was basically a test of all my skills. Sys admin, back-end development, front-end development, scraping, importing, and finally deployment.

Loffredo Fresh Produce

Screenshot of Loffredo Fresh Produce
Loffredo is a high-end produce company serving much of the Mid West. When our company was hired to rebuild their site, my assignments were to integrate our in-house SiteMan CMS, create some plugins, build in a fancy javascript fruit carousel, and of course deploy the site to our production server. The plugin I built for this site simply allowed Loffredo to manage branches and employees and allow site visitors to contact them. The fruit carousel I mentioned was a custom javascript animation that cycles through various fruits on the homepage.

Michael Annett

Screenshot of Michael Annett
Michael Annett was an upcoming race car driver from Des Moines, IA. We didn't build his site from scratch, but when his site development/hosting company stopped providing good service, we were asked to take over. The former host of was not very cooperative in the site transition - so we had an interesting time getting Michael's content for him. To get Michael's site, we wrote an internal app called Site Spider to crawl his existing site, save all the pages, their images, stylesheets, javascripts, etc - all while preserving the links and folder structure. Once I successfully crawled and downloaded this site, I put this app into our internal Content Management application, SiteMan. I also built a couple custom SiteMan plugins, which included a photo gallery and online store management. The store they wanted was fairly small, however, no matter the size, building an online store is quite an effort. After launch, Michael was able to easily update news, photo galleries, results, schedules, general web page content at anytime, and could sell his gear online.

FTTHCAP Conference

Screenshot of FTTHCAP Conference
Fibre To The Home Council Asian Pacific (FTTHCAP) is a non-profit organization aiming to promote and accelerate Fibre To The Home - obviously in the Asian Pacific. FTTHCAP hired our company to build an easily manageable site to help promote and provide information on their 4th annual conference. Once the design had been built out, my job was to stick everything into our internal CMS application, SiteMan, and get it deployed ASAP. This was our first installment of SiteMan on a single site system, so it was a great trial run. Despite a couple "gotchas," I was able to push this site out with our SiteMan CMS very rapidly. During this launch I was also able to fix up some loose-ends that I found in SiteMan, thus enhancing our internal application even further. After the launch, FTTH was able to easily edit any and all content via WYSIWYG editors.


Screenshot of PREIT Malls
PREIT (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust) invests in shopping malls in the eastern United States. PREIT is one of the primary consumers of our internal CMS project, SiteMan. We successfully deployed SiteMan to allow PREIT to manage over 40 of their mall websites - all from 1 location. One challenge we faced with this project was PREIT's constant seasonal marketing campaigns and presentation layer redesigns. As such, we built SiteMan so that new presentation packages could easily be added into SiteMan for each of these campaigns. We also allowed for mobile designs to be appended to each of these presentation packages for easy mobile browsing.