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Payflow Pro

PayFlow Pro is a payment gateway offered by PayPal. Even though it's owned by PayPal, it's a true gateway in that it's unbranded and does not require the end-user to have a PayPal account. I've only had the opportunity to use PayFlow Pro one time but I must say I was quite impressed. Feel free to check out some of my other e-commerce applications.

Here is 1 project that I've worked on tagged Payflow Pro.

NAPA Sales Driver

Screenshot of NAPA Sales Driver
Edwards Graphics Arts (a partner to NAPA) hired our company to build a web application for distributing posters and flyers to NAPA's retail stores. Each store could purchase any of several different promotional products. This is a process that NAPA and it's 3rd party designers had previously handled over the phone. I built a web application to help streamline this process and eliminate phone ordering. This app allowed Edwards Graphic Arts to upload and edit designs for the stores to order. Retail store managers could then visit the site and order promotional products that fit their demographic. This site was very javascript heavy with a lot of asynchronous calls to provide a quick user experience. I also integrated it with PayPal's Pay Flow Pro to allow for online payment.