The Portfolio of Derek Brooks

Audit Trail

Screenshot of Audit Trail
The Audit Trail is an internal application that I built for Red 5 interactive. When we built sites for clients, it was often helpful to track all administrative actions that took place in their content management systems. This allowed us to easily troubleshoot content issues - accidentally deleted data, bad actors, security breaches, etc. We were duplicating much of this functionality for several clients, so I whipped up an Audit Trail app. I built it so that it could be deployed in 2 separate ways. The first, and most commonly used way was for our client applications to call a centrally hosted Audit Trail as a service. With most of our clients hitting the same service, we could keep a close eye on what all of our clients were doing. The second way was to install the Audit Trail as a separate app for any given client. We generally only did this if we anticipated a large amount of logs, or if we had a client that managed several sites. The app and service was incredibly useful. Our clients really enjoyed being able to easily see what was being updated and who did the updating.